Health & Safety at Auckland Building Specialist’s

We deploy the complete Health & Safety system from HazardCo. With practical tools, a H&S Policy, a set of H&S Procedures, expert advice and support, the HazardCo system helps us address our H&S responsibilities on your site.

Some of the fractors in HazardCo’s System:

  • Health & Safety Policy & Procedures, updated annually.
  • Access to purchase site based safety tools, such as site specific safety plans.
  • Templates of the documents to implement the system on your site.
  • Helpful advice and H&S news via their website and regular emailed newsletters.
  • Access to H&S expertise and advice via their website and 0800 free-phone number.
  • 24/7 assistance to help us deal with events or accidents via their 0800 free-phone number.
  • Support and assistance to help us work with WorkSafe NZ.

HazardCo has a simple yet effective solution, helping us with our health & safety.