Building repairs specialists

If you want a building repair expert who will complete your project from start to finish without any fuss, you should call Auckland Building Specialists. We have extensive experience in the construction industry, including on maintenance projects. This means you can be sure you will get a skilled and experienced person or team of professionals working on your project and that everyone will be committed to finishing the DIY jobs that you need.

As we are building specialists, we can handle all aspects of your project. This includes repairing that is part of a wider building job, as well as building jobs that are part of repairing projects. Examples include building external structures like canopies, pool houses, or retaining walls.

What You Get with Us:

  • Complete site preparation
  • No fuss repairing
  • Installation of features and structure construction
  • Cleaning and tidying up

Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting

We pride ourselves on being different to other repairing and maintenance contractors. The standard of our workmanship is exceptionally high, we use the best possible materials, and we charge you as fair a price as possible. 

If you need a maintenance contractor or DYI expert, contact us today.
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