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What sets us apart from all the other building companies?

Buildable Designs

A common issue in the building industry is the gap between the design plans and the actual finished project. You may have had your dream plans all drawn up, yet when it comes to actually building to those plans, it just isn’t viable. This results in disappointment and frustration for all parties involved. That’s why Auckland Building Specialists understands and has experience in the entire process from the design phase to move in date, so we ensure your plans are feasible.

With you right from the beginning

Auckland Building Specialists get involved at the earliest point in your project. Our experienced Quantity Surveyor and Draftsman work alongside you to build your dream home while balancing this against what’s actually possible and within your budget. The end result is a win-win for both parties and a happy ongoing working relationship.

We’re Project Specialists

While we’ve got a mountain of experience in everything from home renovations and new residential builds right through to bathroom and kitchen makeovers, our real expertise lies in the renovation of character Kiwi homes (villas and bungalows). This expertise comes from over 20 years building experience and successfully completing over 200 renovation projects. With this experience, we’ve developed a number of checklists and systems based on the common problems you come up against with renovations, especially with character homes like bungalows and villas.

Complete Service. Complete Communication.

At Auckland Building Specialists we ensure we understand you right at the start and keep you up to date with progress reports all the way through. At the end of a project, Andrew and the team are still there to make sure you’re 100% happy before we pack up tools.

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