Professional Design Consultation Services

A key part of any building or renovation project is getting the design right. This starts with the initial concept stages and goes all the way through the design process until the designs are finalised and work begins on site. In fact, with many projects, the design consultation phase extends beyond this as new challenges are encountered or priorities within a project change. Auckland Building Services can help you with all these things.

We have extensive experience working on all types of building projects including new builds, extensions, bathroom renovations, kitchen installations, retaining wall construction, landscaping, recladding, and more. Our design consultation services extend to all these projects so you can be sure you get the result you want while meeting all regulatory, budget, and time requirements.

How It Works

  • Initial advice and project scope development
  • Design concepts and ideas
  • Detailed designs drawings
  • On-site monitoring, management, and amendments

Why You Should Choose Us

Firstly, we have the necessary experience and qualifications to give you professional and reliable building advice and design consultation services. Unlike other consultants, however, we also offer detailed and practical knowledge of all parts of the building industry. This is because we offer those services as well. For us, design is not theory and it doesn’t exist behind the screen of a computer or on a sheet of paper. We know what really works and what doesn’t.

In addition, we offer fair pricing and excellent customer service.

Whatever stage you are at with the project you are planning, contact us today to find out more about how our design consultation services can help you. Call 0800 2 REMODEL.