The Recladding Experts

Recladding is a significant but important job. At Auckland Building Specialists, we understand this so will complete a recladding project in your home or property as efficiently and effectively as possible. This includes causing as little disruption as possible (although disruption is inevitable), completing the job quickly but to a high standard of quality, and leaving your home more weatherproof than it was before.

Of course, recladding work is done for a number of reasons. This includes when buildings develop leaks, a problem that is often accompanied by structural damage to the building. Another reason why Auckland householders bring us in to complete recladding projects is when their existing cladding starts to look old, tired, or unsightly. Whatever your reason, we can help.

What Is Involved

  • Firstly, we remove the existing cladding from your home
  • This exposes the frame which enables us to make an assessment of the wood and the rest of the structure
  • Damaged parts of the frame are replaced plus any other remedial work is completed
  • The rest of the frame is then treated, if necessary
  • Finally, the new cladding is installed

Advantages of Recladding

Our recladding services bring a number of advantages including improving the weatherproofing of your house. In addition, all damage is exposed and identified so it can be repaired, including hidden leaks and water damage. Many customers also get us to add things like eaves during the process, or remove features like parapets.

In addition, your home will look fantastic and it will be worth more.

Get a recladding quote from us today – call 0800 2 REMODEL.

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