Working Together On Your Home Building Happiness

From our experience we’ve found that while the majority of projects have similar facets to them, there are also parts that are unpredictable and change from client to client.

Our 8-Step Process

We’ve developed a roadmap, with 8 crucial steps to your dream home. This roadmap shows you exactly how we will work together with you.

1. First Contact – Information Gathering

This is the first time we’ll speak with you – most likely to happen over the phone, but you may have submitted a web form or email to us. During this time we’ll walk you through a detailed list of questions about your plans to build. The goal here is to get a better understanding on what you’re looking to do and also your requirements. At this stage, if there is a good fit between us and we feel like we can add value to your project, we’ll schedule in a time for your planning consultation with Andrew. Please note: Not all clients are a good fit for Auckland Building Specialists. If this is the case then we like to let you know early on in the process and have plenty of trusted partners we can refer you on to.

2. Your Planning Consultation

The goal of this 90 minute consultation is to extract as much detailed information from you about your building plans as possible. Getting this part right allows us to put together a much more accurate quote and pricing schedule for you. We also get an understanding of the resources available to you, the dates you’re trying to work around, and any other ideas, plans or relevant documents you may have.

3. Visual Site Inspection

Nothing beats being able to view the site in person. This allows us to discover potential roadblocks for the project as well as looking at resource consents and council restrictions.

4. Planning & Documentation

Dependent on what stage of the building process you are at, we can look at the different options available for your planning and designs. We have an in-house draftsman who can work closely with you to design your renovation / alterations exactly to meet your needs, and in compliance with council planning controls. Then you may also require an architect, engineer or building consultant to help with the process.

5. Comprehensive Quoting

When you’re 100% happy with the designs for your project, we then proceed with the initial quoting for your project. As part of this quote, we include a detailed breakdown of dates and pricing for you to consider.

6. Agreement Signed & Project Kicks Off

When you’re completely confident and happy with the proposed solution, we’ll move forward by taking care of the paperwork and finer details. Upon completion of this, we’ll move onto phase 1 of the build and provide you with a confirmed start and finish date, as well a timeline breakdown of the major milestones.

7. Ongoing Project Co-ordination Strategies

One of our biggest strengths at Auckland Building Specialists is our project coordination and listening to you the client how you want to manage the information. We have found that poor communication and project management is among the top reasons why the relationship between building company and client goes south.

  • Regular team and client meetings to keep everyone up to date and informed on where the project is at. During these meetings we can also tackle any roadblocks or issues that pop up along the way.
  • Accurate pricing schedule. Before starting your project we put together a comprehensive pricing schedule to ensure accurate pricing and minimise any variations that may occur. We’ve very particular about this which leads to deadly accuracy when it comes to hitting targeted budgets. However, should any variations occur, we like to bring them to you as early as possible so we can discuss, document, quote and agree on any changes before proceeding.
  • Full access to the Auckland Building Specialists team. You are always welcome to ring us, or come visit us at any stage in the project.

8. Quality Assurance Inspection & Celebration

Upon completion of your project, we don’t just leave you high and dry. As part of our dedication to quality, we carry out all the necessary inspections including our full 277-point quality assurance inspection. We then take care of all the paperwork and make sure everything is done right. The final touch is our commercial clean to leave your property looking the part. Congratulations! Your project is now complete and you can enjoy your amazing new home.

Our Guarantee

  1. Detailed Price
    Because we provide you with a detailed description of our accurate pricing, by way of comprehensive schedules, you assured of there being no additional hidden costs.
  2. Quality and Workmanship
    We guarantee all workmanship to be free of defects. In the unlikely event of a defect in workmanship, you are fully covered at no additional cost. Our extensive quality control checklists and our quality control process ensure minimal faults.
  3. On schedule
    We have systemised processes to track project performance, timing and deadlines, giving you confidence and certainty in planning. Any changes or variations will show on your schedule immediately.
  4. Materials
    Because we only use reputable suppliers we guarantee that any materials used in your project will be fully fit for purpose and meet all relevant NZ building codes and standards. Further, we guarantee that in situations where it is best practice, we will recommend the use of materials that exceed minimum requirements. In the event that a product of material is damaged in delivery or not up to standard we will arrange a replacement from the supplier at no additional cost.
  5. Communication
    We guarantee to keep you up to date throughout the entire process. We regularly communicate with you and ensure your involvement with any key decisions.
  6. People You Can Trust
    We do what we say and turn up on time. You will find our staff reliable, presentable, friendly, honest and trustworthy. In the unlikely event that you are let down, we guarantee to take immediate steps to remedy.
  7. Site Protection
    We guarantee to take all precautions necessary to protect paths, driveways and furnishings during the course of the renovation. We guarantee to store any new materials, fixtures and items in a secure and protected state.
  8. Clean Worksites
    We pride ourselves on our site cleanliness and we guarantee to keep your site as tidy as we can throughout the project. Upon completion of your project, we guarantee to provide a full commercial clean (inside and out) before we hand it over to you.
  9. Security
    We guarantee to secure your home during renovations. We will install fences and board up open areas as necessary. Further, we guarantee to leave your property closed off at the end of each day’s work. We guarantee that no subcontractors will be given access to your home without our approval. No work will be scheduled outside normal working hours without your express permission.
  10. We Guarantee a 10-Year Build Guarantee
    Our 10-year guarantee protects you against:

    • structural defects including weather tightness issues
    • non-structural defects
    • faulty materials and goods supplied
    • structural defects caused by the builder’s subcontractors.

Health & Safety at AKBSL

We deploy the complete Health & Safety system from HazardCo. With practical tools, a H&S Policy, a set of H&S Procedures, expert advice and support, the HazardCo system helps us address our H&S responsibilities on your site.

Some of the factors in HazardCo’s System:

  • Health & Safety Policy & Procedures, updated annually.
  • Access to purchase site-based safety tools, such as site-specific safety plans.
  • Templates of the documents to implement the system on your site.
  • Helpful advice and H&S news via their website and regular emailed newsletters.
  • Access to H&S expertise and advice via their website and 0800 free-phone number.
  • 24/7 assistance to help us deal with events or accidents via their 0800 free-phone number.
  • Support and assistance to help us work with WorkSafe NZ.

HazardCo has a simple yet effective solution, helping us with our health & safety.

Partners We Work With